Touch Sense Controller

Capacitive sensing is a technology based on capacitive coupling which takes input as human body capacitance. Capacitive sensors are used in many devices applications. Capacitive sensors are preferred for various applications due to their versatility, reliability and robustness, low cost, ease of implementation.

LINEPRO has introduced capacitive sense technology with different shapes.
The reference design is CURVATURE shaped capacitive touch controller demonstrating touch sensing & control using cyprescontroller. This design implements four touch sense buttons with outputs to LEDs, one slider switch and one progressive switch. Unique features of this design are:

• Touch sense buttons, LED output and two switches are mounted on flexible PCB

• Sensitivity of 5mm through glass overlay and up to 10 mm through plastic overlay

• Manual touch sensitivity adjustment not required

• Ultra low power consumption

• Liquid tolerance, eliminates false touches due to wet conditions

• Strong immunity to noise

• Each button has indication using multicolor LED

• Output of each button is taken on five pin flexible strip, can be interfaced with end user application

• Attractive shape and size with acrylic overlay

General features of LINEPRO Capsense based products:

• Designed using different types of controllers - CypressISTM32

• Communication interfaces: 12C,SPI, USB,UART

• Serial interfaces: RS232, Rs485

• Configurable touch sensitivity for buttons

• Eliminates manual tuning of sensitivity

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