Foot Pressure Sensors


Manufacturer of Foot Pressure Sensor as wearable technology using Force Sensing Resistor(FSR)

Linepro provides a wide range of user-friendly and tested Foot Pressure Sensor to assess foot function via pressure and force distribution analysis. The unique information about the function of feet provided by these sensors can help doctors and researchers to determine the abnormalities in lower body parts.

Foot Pressure Sensor
Foot Pressure or Plantar Pressure Measurement by using Linepro's Foot Pressure In-sole Sensors
Foot Pressure In-sole Sensor

The Foot Pressure Sensor Insoles of Linepro give you insights to assist you on:

• Find out the asymmetries that exist between the right and left foot
• Verify the efficacy of the treatments
• Our Foot Pressure Sensors are easy to compare pre and post treatments by using automated reporting if integrated with remote monitoring system(RMS)
• Inform patients about the causes of their ailments by using visual biofeedback
• Find discrepancies in the plantar pressure profile between right and left feet

A Foot Pressure Sensor with 7 Sensor array at 7 critical foot points

IoT Supported Foot Pressure Sensors for Posture Correction

A data acquisition device can be integrated with foot pressure in-sole with a reliable power source. We can consider using bluetooth or other communication tools to support wireless configuration to allow the system to be used remotely. This facilitates remote monitoring of foot pressure distribution and maintain research and medical records for future references. Read our technical blog on IoT Supported Foot Pressure Sensors for Posture Correction

Technical Datasheet for Foot Pressure In-sole Sensor

Why should you choose Linepro's Smart Foot Sensor solutions for footwear?

• Flexible and thin, non-intrusive printed electronic components
• Accurate and reliable analysis for gait (person's pattern of walking) and posture aiding.
• Flexible, cost-effective, and can be customized for specific uses and has a range of possibilities for integration
• Experienced, knowledgeable technical personnel can assist you in designing the most cost-effective, efficient foot pressure sensors to meet your individual needs. Manufacturing takes place in the ISO 9001 compliant state-of-art headquarters facility
• 100% factory inspection assures that your sensors perform to the established specifications.

Applications of Foot Pressure sensor:

• Healthcare purposes: Foot Pressure Sensors are used for Orthotic prescriptions and corrective footwear to treat Diabetic ulcers, plantar pressure measurement, posture and activity classification, body weight and energy expenditure, fall risk applications, navigation patterns and footwear based energy application solutions, better stability and confidence of older people, etc.

• Sports: Therapy, biomechanics, rehabilitation, prevention of injuries and training, among others.