Membrane Keypads & Switches in Bangalore

Why Linepro's Membrane Keypads & Switches

We bring with us the experience of around 30 years of catering the requirements of Membrane Keypads in Bangalore to a variety of industries, including electronic controllers, automobiles, recycling machines, public dispensers like vending machines for food and beverages as well as fuel dispensing equipment. We design keypads to be used in a variety of applications, from hygiene maintenance for medical equipment to extreme working environments like processing plant.

Keypads with best features are available to match the custom needs of the user. Amazing graphics, unique profile designs and attractive backlighting create stunning keypads that captivate the users. Beyond that, we can custom modify the membrane keypads to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. These factors make a winning keypad in the market!

Membrane Keypad and Switches in Bangalore

Membrane Keypad Manufacturer In Bangalore most trusted by varied Industries


PCB and Flexible Circuit based Membrane Keypads and Keyboards

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Why Your Control System needs Linepro's Membrane Keypad against other Input Devices

durability of membrane keypad in Bangalore

Best components and workmanship contribute to durable keypads

 low profile of membrane keypad in Bangalore
Low Profile

Thin, flexible & light weight

design of membrane keypad in Bangalore
Design & Customization

Most accurate membrane keypads for any given application

water and dust proof membrane keypad in Bangalore
Withstand Harsh Conditions

Resistant to moisture, water, chemicals, UV rays, heat, scratches, and more

clean membrane keypad in Bangalore
Hygiene Maintenence

Anti-microbial surface and no spot for dirt to accumulate

circuit of membrane keypad in Bangalore
Simplified Circuitry

Low voltage and compact

affordability of membrane keypad in Bangalore

Low cost solution against expensive HMIs like touchscreens

tactile and non-tactile membrane keypad in Bangalore
Tactile & Non-Tactile Keys

Embossed keys with click or no-click for enhanced user experience

backlighting of membrane keypad in Bangalore

Attention grabbing LED based backlights to best locate keys

The Best Membrane Keypad Manufacturer in India: Our Gaurantee

Linepro is the leading membrane keypad maker exporter, supplier and manufacturer in India and assists reputed bulk project-oriented companies like the medical devices, electronics for industrials, consumer electronics, defense industry and computer technology. Our entire process, from design and manufacturing, R&D to sales is ISO 9001:2015-certified, this ensures exact and error-free membrane keypads that is the prime requirement for quality-focused firms.

If you are with Linepro, you're choosing a top-of-the-line Bangalore based membrane keypad manufacturer with experience of over thirty years. With a satisfaction rate of customers of about 98 percent and a long-lasting performance, our company is the best choice as a membrane keypad manufacturer for your next project.

If this isn't enough, we invite you to go through our video profile that showcases our manufacturing capabilities which is the best in industry. With cutting-edge technology, we are proud when clients trust us as guarantors of membrane keypads!

Whatever the application of your electronic device, whether it is a grimy and dirty manufacturing floor, or a clean medical laboratory we can guarantee that our membrane keypads will function with consistent results.

Are you ready to start? Get in touch with our experienced consultant team today to start your project to create a membrane keypad.

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How do we design and manufacture Membrane Keypads in Bangalore?

design and manufacturing of Membrane Keypads in Bangalore

The prime focus for quality driven Membrane Keypads or keyboards is it's design and manufacturing to sustain the working environment it is installed in. This is why we concentrate on getting exact information about the electronic controller that the keypad is pasted or mounted, and the operational conditions, such as spills of fluid, dust and dirt, radiations, temperature and so on.

Once the design team has sufficient information, we choice upon the material used to construct enclosures and the front fascia material, adhesives, whether the circuit is rigid PCB based or flexible circuit, backlighting, connectors, shape, the type of keys- tactile or non-tactile, embossing, domes made of metal and other aspects.

Additionally, we have an in-house R&D center that deals with complex jobs, whereas an ordinary membrane keypad company simply refuses accepting the job work owing to its complexity. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with modern technology, this helps reduce production delays and grants us flexibility to modify our product whenever necessary to meet the demands of customers.

The minute things we take care of will not only increase the efficiency of your products, it will change your image in the market. Your business will be perceived as reliable, trustworthy business house which deserves premium work orders. This way, after some weeks, your business will attract attention of reputed companies, you will notice increase in profit-backed business deals.

Bangalore Membrane Keypads, Keyboards and Switches Supplier

If you're searching for Membrane Keypad or Keyboard in Bangalore then your search ends here. Linepro will provide your company with top quality keypads. We'll be glad to consult you for free regarding concerns you may have about keypads and help improve and alter the previous versions of your designs. We'll assist you in identifying the areas where you're failing and offer suggestions to aid you in finding solutions. We offer solutions on highly complex designs from harsh applications to the standard keypad design. There's no task we can't assist you with. Contact us now to take steps to take your application to the next stage!