Operational Excellence at Linepro

Operational Excellence at Linepro

Linepro's manufacturing facility along with other departments involves interactions, communications and executions related to customers, vendors, infrastructure and manpower is a complex system run successfully since 1993 under the Leadership of our Managing Director- Mr Paul Malpan.

Where the market and our competitors operate in a traditional fashion, Linepro stands tall among the crowd with only motive of serving the Customer with the result he desires in form of customized solutions for Membrane Keypads & Switches, Capacitive Touch Sense Switches, Vandal Proof Metal Keyboards and Flexible Heaters and Printed Flexible Sensors.

Membrane Switches and Keypads

Linepro's Process Control for achieving operational Excellence

Membrane Switches and Keypads

Systematic Working Procedures for Assured Results

For Linepro to operate consistently along with excellence and thereby serve customers, we have adopted a powerful system at our workplace where leadership, problem-solving and teamwork results in continuous improvement within the organization. The system involves understanding the desires of the customer, focusing on customer's needs, ensuring positive attitude among employees and giving them freedom and authority to execute tasks and continually improvise Linepro's policies and procedures.

At Linepro, we continuously put efforts to inculcate and maintain following 3 elements into our system:

Membrane Switches and Keypads

Element 1: We have best elements of a Manufacturer!

We are into manufacturing of Input Devices and Printed Electronics since 1993; it is a known fact that we have now become experts in manufacturing engineering! We are professional manufacturers, follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), engineer customized solutions daily and have in-house stringent Quality Control procedures. Linepro owns huge manufacturing assets - 20,000 Sq. ft. area space near Mumbai, India, Dust proof and climatically controlled manufacturing sections, 10,000 class clean rooms, store rooms and cutting-edge machines which help us create and maintain working systems adhering to International Standards and protocols. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization.

Element2: We are highly skilled professionals at a common place called Linepro

What happens when like-minded professionals, turn up every day at Linepro? The answer is simple- they put their skills together to solve issues of mankind! Working culture at Linepro is full of freedom and respecting each other's views. Every professional at Linepro, does an amazing job and the result at the end of day is- Customer Satisfaction!

Membrane Switches and Keypads

Membrane Switches and Keypads

Element3: We believe in proactive working style and over deliverance of our solutions and services

Linepro thinks hundred steps ahead when it comes to customer satisfaction. We have rooted deeply within us the values for considering ways to improve customers' revenues by helping lower the costs. We prioritize on working on projects which require customized solutions, since customization revolves around product innovation of customers. With that said, we have in-house Quality Assurance and Quality Control facility with an intention to deliver every shipment of exactly what was ordered!

Linepro is far from being 'just a manufacturer'

Linepro Over- delivers. That's it!

For a company like Linepro which believes in customer service excellence, we can always help you by:

Making your Operations short and simple

We have numerous product solutions for industrial problems like printed electronics based heaters and sensors which can replace single purpose suppliers. Such strategies for our customers help them make internal processes simpler and prioritize important work.

Bulk Volumes helps promote budget costing

Ever since 1993 when we started, till present, we have accumulated large loyal customer base. High volume orders help us negotiate for lower pricings with raw material suppliers. This helps to offset operating costs and margin, which ultimately is passed on to you in form of discounts!

Turn-key Services under one roof

With our huge manufacturing manpower, we have capacity to undertake Turnkey manufacturing services. Would it not be great to manufacture under one roof instead of engaging with multiple manufacturers? This promotes quality consistency and accountability.

Flexibility through Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

As compared to our competitors, we have low MOQs which make it possible to market your product with ease and pace.

Deliverance Guarantee

With all in-house facility, we can assure uninterrupted supply, be it bulk quantity, which is not possible with our competitors as their sourcing of components is dependent on various market entities and financially unstable distributors.

How Linepro outperforms Competition?

The answer is Operational Excellence. It helps us in refining production stages, customer satisfaction and competitive costing. We aim to give accurate solutions through our products by excellence in day-to-day operations while maintaining best quality and competitive costs.


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