Membrane Keypads & Switches in Coimbatore

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Our Membrane Keypads for Coimbatore based Industrial Electronics

Work with a Membrane Keypads and Keyboards manufacturer in Coimbatore that's been helping local Electronics and Automation Businesseses with input device solutions for about 30 years.

We follow proven quality and manufacturing processes to ensure our clients dominate their industry segment, regardless of application complexity of membrane keypads.

There's no doubt about it - our keypads in Coimbatore will generate results for your business.

Our systematic design and manufacturing processes covers all factors necessary to create best keypads to ensure long-term success for your business.

Membrane Keypad and Switches in Coimbatore
PCB and Flexible Circuit based Membrane Keypads and Keyboards

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Membrane Keypad Manufacturer In Coimbatore most trusted by varied Industries


Why Your Control System needs Linepro's Membrane Keypad against other Input Devices

durability of membrane keypad in Coimbatore

Best components and workmanship contribute to durable keypads

 low profile of membrane keypad in Coimbatore
Low Profile

Thin, flexible & light weight

design of membrane keypad in Coimbatore
Design & Customization

Most accurate membrane keypads for any given application

water and dust proof membrane keypad in Coimbatore
Withstand Harsh Conditions

Resistant to moisture, water, chemicals, UV rays, heat, scratches, and more

clean membrane keypad in Coimbatore
Hygiene Maintenence

Anti-microbial surface and no spot for dirt to accumulate

circuit of membrane keypad in Coimbatore
Simplified Circuitry

Low voltage and compact

affordability of membrane keypad in Coimbatore

Low cost solution against expensive HMIs like touchscreens

tactile and non-tactile membrane keypad in Coimbatore
Tactile & Non-Tactile Keys

Embossed keys with click or no-click for enhanced user experience

backlighting of membrane keypad in Coimbatore

Attention grabbing LED based backlights to best locate keys

The Best Membrane Keypad Manufacturer in India: Our Gaurantee

By partnering with Linepro, you are choosing Coimbatore based membrane keypad manufacturer in industry for 30 years. Our experience and modern manufacturing facility guarantees long lasting performance of our keypads, we are best fit as your keypads provider for your upcoming project.

Linepro is the most renowned keypad manufacturer exporter, supplier and manufacturer in India and supports reputed bulk project-oriented businesses in industrial electronics. Our processes in design, sales, R&D, production are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which guarantees precise and error-free membrane keypads which is the primary demand for firms that focus on quality conscious.

If this isn't enough, we invite you to go through our video profile that showcases our manufacturing capabilities which is the best in industry. With cutting-edge technology, we are proud when clients trust us as guarantors of membrane keypads!

That said, we just don't talk the talk, we walk the walk as well! Watch our manufacturing, design and R&D capabilities in Linepro's video profile aside.

We believe in delivering membrane keypads that give uniform performance in varied working conditions. That's why we are first preference for businesses in medical field, where hygiene is priority as well as in harsh, shabby and dirty industrial workplaces.

We have in our consulting panel, experienced professionals in industry to guide you for free on your application specific membrane keypad project. Feel free to contact us!

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How do we design and manufacture Membrane Keypads in Coimbatore?

design and manufacturing of Membrane Keypads in Coimbatore

A winning membrane keypad and keyboard is the one which sustains and exhibits consistent performance in working conditions. By knowing the details of such conditions from customers, eases our way to design specific keypads to counter fluid spill, hygiene maintenence againt dirt and dust, radiations and temperature fluctuations.

Other than design consideration, we undertake measures to select specialised material for constructing membrane keypads. For example, selection of material for adhesives, front fascia, PCB or flexible circuit, connectors, backlighting, tactile or non-tactile keys, shape, embossing, metal domes to name a few.

We are experts in customized solutions for membrane keypads. We have a dedicated R&D center for handling complex enquiries. Where our competitors evade such enquiries, we deliver results. We have in-house manufacturing setup which gives us flexibility to embed features in keypad, helps boost bulk production and over deliver customer's expectations every single time.

The critical things we take care of cannot only improve the effectiveness of your products, but will also alter how potential customers perceive in marketplace. Your business will be viewed as a reliable and trustworthy company that deserves top work orders. In this way, after a few weeks, your company will be noticed by reputable firms, and you'll see an increases in the number of business transactions that are backed by profit.

Coimbatore Membrane Keypads, Keyboards and Switches Supplier

If you're in search of Membrane Keypad or Keyboards in Coimbatore, then the hunt is over. Linepro will supply your business with high-quality keypads. We're willing to speak with you at no cost regarding any concerns you have for keypads. We'll also help you improve and change the old models of your design. We'll help you identify the areas that you're failing in and provide suggestions to assist in identifying solutions. We provide solutions for complicated designs, from the most extreme applications to the typical keypad designs. There's nothing we can't help you with. Contact us today to take steps to get you to the next step!