Membrane Keypads & Switches in Pune

Why Linepro's Membrane Keypads & Switches

We carry with us the experience of about 30 years to cater the needs of Membrane Keypads in Pune to wide range of industry verticals like automobile, electronic controllers, recycling, public dispensing machines like food and beverage vending machines, fuel dispensing machines etc. We can design keypads for applications rangings from hygiene maintenence for medical machines to harsh working environemnts like processing plants.

We can deliver feature-rich keypads to suit the application. Great graphics, unique profile shapes and attractive backlighting result into scintillating keypads which grab attention of user. Above this, we can customize the membrane keypads almost instantly to keep you ahead of the competitiion. All these factors collectively contribute to a winning keypad in the market!

Membrane Keypad and Switches in Pune

Membrane Keypad Manufacturer In Pune That Actually delivers Results!


PCB and Flexible Circuit based Membrane Keypads and Keyboards

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Why Your Control System needs Linepro's Membrane Keypad against other Input Devices

durability of membrane keypad in pune

Best components and workmanship contribute to durable keypads

 low profile of membrane keypad in pune
Low Profile

Thin, flexible & light weight

design of membrane keypad in pune
Design & Customization

Most accurate membrane keypads for any given application

water and dust proof membrane keypad in pune
Withstand Harsh Conditions

Resistant to moisture, water, chemicals, UV rays, heat, scratches, and more

clean membrane keypad in pune
Hygiene Maintenence

Anti-microbial surface and no spot for dirt to accumulate

circuit of membrane keypad in pune
Simplified Circuitry

Low voltage and compact

affordability of membrane keypad in pune

Low cost solution against expensive HMIs like touchscreens

tactile and non-tactile membrane keypad in pune
Tactile & Non-Tactile Keys

Embossed keys with click or no-click for enhanced user experience

backlighting of membrane keypad in pune

Attention grabbing LED based backlights to best locate keys

The Best Membrane Keypad Manufacturer in India: Our Gaurantee

Linepro is leading membrane keypad manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, assisting reputed bulk projects oriented companies in medical device, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, defence and computer industry. Our entire system from designing & manufacturing, R&D to sales practices are ISO 9001:2015 certified which delivers accurate and error free membrane keypads, which is prime requirement of quality specific companies.

When you choose Linepro, you're choosing world-class Pune based membrane keypad manufacturer with specific experience of 30 years. With a customer retention rate of 98% and offering long lasting performance of our products, we are the first choice of membrane keypad manufacturer for your project.

And if that's not enough to work with us, can we ask you to go through our video profile alongside which exhibits our manufacturing capability - the best in industry. With a cutting-edge infrastructure, we take pride when loyal customers know us as gaurantors of membrane keypads!

No matter the physical location of your electronic control device, be it harsh and dirty industrial shopfloor or clean medical labs, we promise that our membrane keypads will perform with uniform results.

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How do we design and manufacture Membrane Keypads in Pune?

design and manufacturing of Membrane Keypads in pune

Membrane Keypads and keyboards is all about designing and manufacturing durable input devices in relation to working environment it is placed in. This is the reason we focus on gaining precise details about the electronic controller on which the keypad would be pasted or mounted, the working conditions like fluid spill, dirt and dust, radiations, temperature and it's fluctuations, etc.

After the design team acquires sufficient details, we bring into consideration proper selection of the enclosure material, the front fascia material, adhesives, type of circuit - PCB or flexible circuit, connectors, backlighting, the profile shape, tactile or non-tactile, nature of keys, type of embossing, type of metal domes and many other factors.

Furthermore, we have in-house R&D center for complex conditions, where an average membrane keypad manufacturer simply rejects taking up the job. Our customiztion is at completely superior level. Our in-house modern manufacturing facility reduces time delays in production and gives us better flexibility to mend the product to meet the expectations of businesses.

Our minor considerations won't just improve the performance of your product, but will also alter your reputation within the industry. In a flash, you'll be viewed as a trustworthy, reliable and an industrial company which is worthy of premium job works. Because everyone's eyes will be focused at your company, it will begin to attract an increase in more profitable business.

Pune Membrane Keypads, Keyboards and Switches Supplier

If you're looking for Membrane Keypad or Keyboard Pune then look no further. Linepro can provide your business with pro level keypads. We'll gladly consult you at no cost with your concerns and assist to improve and modify the previous versions of your projects. We'll help you identify where you're making mistakes and suggest ways which will help you find solutions. We work from highly intricate designs and harsh application to regular keypad design. There's no application we cannot help you with. Contact us today to take things to the next level!