Contactless NFC Technology


Linepro's Near Field Communication(NFC) Technology makes your smart phones, tablets, watches, access cards and other devices even more smarter. With just one tap you can expedite your travel process and payments, track inventories in real-time, schedule routines, track fitness and health stats, shop and save money, get special offers and control everything like your home automation switch system, your vehicle.

Our NFC systems helps you to connect to world of opportunities and smart lifestyle and work procedures and enrich experiences. Be it museum tours, popular places, large events, buy your food or connect yourself with social platforms, life is getting easier and comfortable. Integrate our NFC technology in your devices for uninterrupted performance!

Membrane Keypad for consumer and home appliances
What is NFC? | It's Working | Modes of Operation

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Membrane Keypad for consumer and home appliances

Integrating NFC antennas into your Products

NFC primarily is based on concept of near field induction as communication mode and uses resonant analog circuits for receiving and sending data and also to provide efficient power. Integrating NFC into a product is challenging, it is critical to have best antenna performance to meet product application conditions. Prior to integrate an antenna, the dimensions, shape and material selection are of utmost importance for designing.

At Linepro, we have already designed and provided solutions for NFC devices for many companies. We have all the specialized knowledge and practical experience to give you customized solutions.

Here is how our R&D and design team can help you with:

  • Proper selection of antenna type for your application
  • Signal waveform testing
  • IC configuration
  • Customized antennas
  • Testing and qualification checks
  • Antenna optimization
  • Debugging antennas

In-house Customization of NFC & Professional Support

Linepro has in-house manufacturing setup with cutting-edge technology machines for manufacturing NFC antennas, membrane keypads, flexible printed circuits, touch sense switches, printed flexible heaters and sensors, printed batteries and electrochromic displays. We are capable of providing designs and technology solutions for these products for 30+ years.

Our printing technology is one of the advanced in world. With our roll-to-roll automatic screen printing machines, we can efficiently produce printed circuits for NFC antennas. Our experience and knowledge on proper selection of conductive inks for NFCs according to application result in durable, performing and efficient NFC antennas.

Membrane Keypad for consumer and home appliances
In-house manufacturing of NFC

NFC for Industries

point of sale NFC - Linepro
Point of Sale
 NFC for automobiles- linepro
access systems NFC - linepro
Access Control Systems
NFC for smart city
Smart City
industrial icon - linepro
transport NFC linepro
Inventory Warehouse Management NFC - Linepro
Warehouse Inventory Management
 healthcare NFC- linepro
home appliances - linepro
Home Appliances


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