Linepro has introduced a new technology – Transparent Flexible Heater. This heater works on a very low voltage and hence is suitable for various applications in our day-to-day lives. It is very thin, transparent and light weight. Since it uses printed technology, it can be customized into any shape or size, depending upon user requirements. The printing is done on very thin films and thus it will not add any significant weight to the product it is incorporated into.

The most important feature of this heater is their optical transparency which gives a clear view of the product even if the heater is pasted on it.

Benefits of Transparent Flexible Heater:

• Thin, Transparent and flexible
• Simple and lightweight
• Can be easily pasted or incorporated into various devices
• Durable in harsh environments
• Increased safety


Application Industries

Transparent Flexible Heaters are finding its applications in various industries. By combining cost-effective screen-printing techniques, flexible substrates, and the latest functional inks, we produce flexible printed heaters and warming elements for many applications such as:

Membrane Keyboard


Heated blankets, gloves, boots, jackets, etc.

The flexible construction of these heaters allows the user to move freely and perform any activity without difficulty.

Winter can be a season of pain for people with Arthritis. These heaters can be incorporated into heating pads which can help in reducing joint aches.


For window and wind shield defrosting.

Often you must have found your vehicle wind shield getting fogged. This causes difficult driving situations. Transparent flexible heaters can be pasted on vehicle windows, wind shields, side-view mirrors, etc.

Membrane Keyboard
Membrane Keyboard

Aerospace and Defense

Flexible Heaters can be very useful for warming airplane engines. It can also be used for preventing fogging and icing on airplane windows and for de-icing of wings.


Can be used in hot plates for warming. It can also be incorporated into tiffin boxes which will allow the users to warm their food items.

Membrane Keyboard
Membrane Keyboard

Healthcare and Medical applications

Flexible Heaters can be used in various medical instruments and machines. Printed heaters will ensure freeze protection and will also prevent condensation. These heaters will thus help in smooth functioning of machines and will improve its life span.

Consumer Products and Public Utility machines

Machines and equipment that are used outdoors will be vulnerable to harsh climate. When it rains or snows, moisture can get into these equipment and might freeze some of its parts which will stop these parts from functioning. Flexible heaters can be used in these equipment to maintain its temperature.

Membrane Keyboard

There is no doubt; the world of Transparent Flexible Heater is evolving rapidly. If you have any application for Flexible heaters, our expertise would be happy to help you in choosing the right technology for your application which will meet your specific needs and requirements.