Automobile Seat Occupancy Sensors



Linepro’s Automobile Seat Occupancy Sensor is best solution for overall passenger safety and Driver Assistance system. Seat Occupancy sensors facilitate monitoring of conditions of seats in terms of nature of occupancy. Modern vehicles being equipped with seat belts and airbags, Linepro’s sensors determine whether the seat belts are into use and the airbags properly deployed during a wreck; depending on the passenger occupying the seat.

At Linepro, we ensure the sensors are fool-proof, no matter what the working condition may be, our sensors go through stringent quality checks like temperature tests, waterproof tests, voltage resistance tests. With the manufacturing process at our own facility, high performance of automobile seat occupancy sensors is guaranteed!

Why Linepro's Seat Occupancy Sensors?

Customized Designs: Our expert designers and engineers how total control on designing aspects and can serve customized solutions.

Highly Durable:1,00,000 cycles in actual working conditions

Low Profile: Thin, Light-weight and Flexible

• Low Electrical Resistance

Car Seat Occupancy Sensor


Membrane Keyboards

Seat Occupancy Monitoring System

Every Modern Car is equipped with passenger airbags and adheres to International Safety norms for automobiles. With increasing cars on roads day-by-day, the number of accidents increase in proportion. There are larger number of accidents which consists of unnecessary airbag deployment, although the passenger seat is unoccupied. Such airbags account to increased repair costs in an unjustified manner, as they are repaired or replaced with new ones. The ultimate solution for waste of repair costs can be addressed by means of Seat Occupancy monitoring systems (SOMS) installed in the passenger seat.

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Working of Seat Occupancy Monitoring System

The SOMS is made of array of sensors whose resistance changes with applied force. The dimensions of the sensor array mat are tailored to match the seat design. Since the sensor mat has design flexibility, it can be mounted in different ways as:

• Between seat shell and the foam

• Between seat foam and cover

Membrane Switches and Keypads

When a seat is occupied, the resistance changes and this change is measured by means of integrated electronic controller system. When any seat is unoccupied the airbag cum ignition circuit is switched off when resistance of sensor lies between two pre-defined values. If the resistance value is other than the pre-defined value, it is concluded by the system that the seat is occupied and the airbag cum ignition circuit is ready to be deployed during a wreck.

Application of Seat Occupancy Sensors in Automobiles

Airbag Deployment System

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Baby Seat Alarm

Printed Heater Heat Belt Manufacturer

Seat Belt Activation Monitoring Systems

Printed Heater Heat Belt Manufacturer

Applications of Seat Occupancy Sensors in varied Industries

Medical Mattresses & Hospital Beds: To determine patient occupancy on beds and monitoring their movement
Bus Seat Occupancy:To act as driver assistance system to monitor occupancy of passengers for public transport buses and school buses
Restaurant seat occupancy: To determine and classify occupied and unoccupied seats in restaurants for better facilitation of ambience to customers
Shared Massage Chair:For better facilitation of customers to unoccupied seats in massage parlours and spas
Automatic Taxi meter reset:Automatic tariff meter reset when a customer picks & occupies and alights a taxi

Application Specific Solutions from our Designers and Engineers to meet your customizations and budget.

Custom Features of Linepro's Seat Occupancy Sensors

Custom Shape

Car Seat Occupancy sensor - Custom Shape

We have hi-tech laser cutting machines to obtain custom and intricate shape patterns to match the seat shape profile.

Custom Size

Car Seat Occupancy sensor - Custom Size

Depending on the surface area of seat or the area upon seat where the pressure or force to be mapped, we can provide custom size upto 1000x1000mm

Custom Thickness

Car Seat Occupancy sensor - Custom Size

We can customize thickness of the sensor based on the bending radius required. We can provide sensors as thin as 0.25mm

Custom Processing

Car Seat Occupancy sensor - Custom Size

We can selectively process seat sensors for insulation, scratch-resistance and waterproofing based on the demands of actual working conditions.

Material Selection

Car Seat Occupancy sensor - Custom Size

Depending on the required properties like scratch-resistance, oxidation-resistance, material hardness and softness we may select suitable substrate like PET and conductive inks of varied make.

Anti-flame Property

Car Seat Occupancy sensor - Custom Size

Car Seat Occupancy Sensors adhering to flame resistant standards like HB,V0,V1,V2 and other standards.