How to paste a Membrane Switch on the enclosure?

Sometimes we find that even the best designed and produced membrane switches do not work as intended due to errors in handling and installation in the final product. Common errors can lead to sub-optimal performance or even complete failure. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure successful membrane switch installation.

Improper handling of the membrane switch is the number one reason for switch failures.

Steps to correctly mount a Membrane Switch to a surface

  • From the opposite side of the circuit area, peel a small portion, approximately half inch of the release paper and fold it flat against the back of the membrane switch.
  • Adjust the opposite side of the membrane switch and carefully align the entire label on the enclosure.
  • Once the membrane is properly aligned, paste the small portion of the release paper removed initially and press this exposed adhesive area onto the enclosure.
  • Note that the other end of the overlay should not shift from its position on the enclosure.
  • Carefully remove the entire release paper from the overlay.
  • Insert the tail through the cutting slot.
  • Carefully laminate the rest of the overlay. Apply even pressure starting at the tacked-down end and working towards the termination tail end. Prevent air bubbles from being trapped under the switch.
  • It must be noted that, re-positioning of a membrane switch must be avoided. Once the membrane switch is in place and laminated, lifting it again can cause distortion of the domes, malfunctioning of LEDs or sometimes even entire keyboard failure.

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