How to protect your communications using AES Encrypted devices?

It may be a season of flu, but not all viruses are biological. Many of the most damaging bugs in the offices are not only digital in nature, but are completely undetectable.

We may think that cyber security only involves strong passwords and a good firewall guarding the router. Once upon a time, that’s all it took. But now in 2021, you need much more than just a strong password to handle all the clever cybercriminals.

One of the most insidious and difficult to identify type of attack is from keyloggers. A keylogger is a type of spyware or monitoring software designed to record information that is typed into a computer. They are capable of also tracking a keyboard. Keyloggers can steal sensitive information or user login credentials. Fortunately, keyloggers have one major antidote. That is AES encryption.

What is Encrypted keyboard?

It is a kind of input device (keyboard) which is able to protect the data from all malware attack. It helps protect communications using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
This type of keyboard takes plain text as input and converts it into cipher text using a special algorithm, which is made up of seemingly random characters. Only those who have the Special Security key can decrypt it.

What is AES Encryption?

AES (Advance Encryption Standard) is a fast, secure symmetric encryption algorithm and it was designed to be efficient in both hardware and software to keep our data away from prying eyes. We can see AES encryption used in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal. The algorithm is used worldwide. It was also adopted as the standard encryption algorithm by the U.S. government for encrypting sensitive data.

AES encrypts the packets of data before they’re sent from the device. This is known as end-to-end encryption, and it ensures that your data remains safe at all points during transit.
It involves the use of only one secret key to cipher and decipher information. Lengths of the keys can be 128, 192 and 256 bits.

The AES is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA) for protecting top secret information.

AES encryption is extremely software and hardware friendly because of its simple design. It is resistant to most of the known attacks.  It is also compatible on various computing platform.

Features of AES Keyboard :
  1. Keyboard with 52 custom keys.
  2. AES Encrypted data on USB output.
  3. AES256 bit Symmetric encryption.
  4. IP65 proof keyboard.
  5. Keyboard dimension are 310 * 84.6 mm.
Application area :

AES has gained global acceptance and is used for securing sensitive data in various industries including Banking sectors, Defence, High end Security and Access control Systems, Fuel dispenser and Petroleum Industry.

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Vinit pawar
Vinit pawar
3 years ago

Well explained

Paul Malpan
3 years ago
Reply to  Vinit pawar

Thankyou for your comment!