Don’t miss out the Exclusive Membrane Keypads and Overlays from Linepro

Linepro Controls - Membrane Keypad
A typical Membrane Keypad from Linepro Controls

Don’t miss out the Exclusive Membrane Keypads and Overlays from Linepro

Have a glance around most industries and you will find a Membrane Keypads and graphic overlay in one form or another. At Linepro Controls, we cater to a variety of markets, including the pharmaceutical, automotive, medical, aerospace and brewery sectors, although that list certainly isn’t exclusive.

These printed overlays are everywhere and are utilized in various forms and sizes. One among their real strengths is that they are highly flexible to customization. From having almost any color to including features like embossed keys and clear windows, thus catering all needs of clients.

Linepro specializes in Customized Input Devices

At Linepro Controls we have developed state-of-art manufacturing facility over several years. We are confident we are in a position to serve industries in the keyboard and keypad vertical. Our machines can cut the overlays in a similar profile as by hand, enabling us to supply them in practically any shape, while our digital technology means we will print onto items that are up to 2 inches thick.

“When customizing, there are no possibilities of hurdles, sky is the limit. We can deliver sequential lit windows; photo luminescent ink placed on them in order that they glow within the dark and even shapes them around bends and corners.”

Linepro is credible to manage your Membrane Keypads

At Linepro Controls, we’re happy to assist in whatever way we will to make sure you get the best product and best price. As a part of that service, we frequently communicate with our customers. We see what best we can provide as per their expectations and recommend the specifications best-suited for the overlay. We always believe to be in position to answer questions of our customers so as to make sense of credibility amongst them.

One of the explanations for this is often that we see no purpose in letting our customers spend unnecessarily on the things they do not require. This occurs if a company isn’t entirely sure what they require. When this happens, there occurs a case of ‘over-spec’, which basically means taking approach to designing their label using the very best quality materials and features, but, these overly done things are not what they need.

For example, you’ll have a label that is been used in a building on a bit of kit that’s worth some amount, which has a thin profile in terms of thickness, say for instance, 100 micron-thick PVC top-surface printed specimen. It need not be UV resistant as it is not for outdoor application. It also doesn’t need a hi-tack adhesive because it isn’t getting to get exposed to wear and tear. However, if you end up doing opposite of what actually needs to be done, and choose a UV polyester-based design, which might cost you up to 5 times more.

When ordering labels in bulk quantities, say in thousands, these margins can make a considerable difference in the price you pay. And when those extras aren’t needed, you’ll potentially save a fortune by only sticking to what you would need.

However, they’re customizable as their overlays and you can rest assure that when ordering from Linepro Controls, you will be purchasing a product that will not let you down within the environment it’s intended to be utilized in.

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