An Evolution into Production-Linked Incentive (PLI)Schemes for Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Companies

"Production Linked Incentives" - Linepro controls pvt ltd
Production Linked Incentives (PLI)

The Indian government, 1 April 2020 launched a new scheme PLI (Production linked incentive) in its mission to make the nation towards a self-depended and globally competitive manufacturing sector, which has presented a revolutionary initiative, The Production linked incentive scheme (PLI). But what exactly is a PLI Scheme, and how can it help different segments of manufacturing industries in India – from Large scale to small scale units. Particularly, when it comes to small scale manufacturers producing components input devices, PCB fabrication, die and tooling, assembly services, electronic manufacturing services, motors, heating components, etc., are the small-scale sector also ready to get an indirect boost through the PLI scheme?

What is Production-Linked Incentives.?

A Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme is a government program initiative that offers financial incentives to organizations participating in the domestic manufacturing of specific products. These incentives are typically linked to achieving pre-planned production targets over a designated period. It means the government provides 3 % to 5 % of incentives on incremental sales for target segment-specified electronics compound manufacturers (Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), PCB laminates, photopolymer films, PCB printing inks)

Why is it Important for the Manufacturing Sector?

The Indian large-scale manufacturing sector, while holding immense potential, faces difficulties like import dependence and a lack of powerful domestic supply chains.

Boosting domestic Manufacturing: By offering financial support, the scheme incentivizes companies to set up or expand their large-scale manufacturing facilities within India.

Venture: The scheme attracts investment into targeted sectors, prompting job creation and infrastructure advancement.

Reduce dependence on import: Increased domestic production decreases dependence on import components and finished goods.

Enhancing Competitiveness: The PLI scheme urges organizations to take on advanced technology to improve innovations and production efficiency, making them more competitive in the global market. Also, this will create a way for large-scale consumer electronics companies to outsource relevant job work to medium and small-scale manufacturing units.

The PLI scheme offers multiple types of benefits for various stakeholders:

Manufacturers: Financial incentives improve economically, allowing for reinvestment in research & development and scaling up production.

Consumers: Increased domestic production can lead to a wider variety of products at may be lower prices due to reduced import costs.

Employment: The scheme promotes job creation across various levels of the manufacturing ecosystem.

Technology Transfer: PLI schemes often encourage technology transfer from global players to domestic manufacturers, accelerating technological advancement.

PLIs and Input Device Manufacturing

The PLI scheme extends its reach to various segments of the manufacturing sector, including those producing crucial input devices:

Linepro is a manufacturer of input devices. With the introduction of the PLI scheme, large-scale consumer electronics and home appliance manufacturers who used to import from Asian nations like China, Taiwan, Philippines, etc. have started focusing on small-scale manufacturers in India. We have observed that the PLI Scheme indirectly benefits small-scale manufacturers like Linepro, which also contributes to our growth.

Membrane Keypads: production linked incentives (PLI) can incentivize domestic production of high-quality membrane keypads, used in appliances, industrial control panels, and consumer electronics. This can lead to a stronger supply chain for Indian device manufacturers.

Capacitive touch switches and panels: Similar to Membrane keypads, PLIs encourage domestic production of capacitive touch switches and panels which are used in consumer electronics and home appliances.

Capacitive touch switch & panels - "Production Linked Incentives"
Capacitive touch switches and panels

Which helps boost manufacturing in membrane keypads and capacitive touch switches and panels  

Linepro: A Leader in Input Device Manufacturing

Linepro remains at the leading input device manufacturer, offering a comprehensive scope of high-quality devices, including a wide range of membrane keypads and capacitive touch switches and panels. We are focused on supporting the government’s vision of a self-dependent India to improve domestic manufacturing capacities.

The Production-linked incentive scheme provides a great opportunity for India’s manufacturing sector to reach its potential. By encouraging innovation, attracting investment, and making a skilled labor force, India can turn into a global leader in the manufacturing sector. As an organization committed to supporting this vision, Linepro welcomes you to explore how we can team up to make areas strong for a competitive environment for input device manufacturing in India.

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