Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) in Mattresses and Beds

Force sensing Resistor for bed

Think about an innovation that can turn normal sleep and significantly change the situation in health care centers. Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) are revolutionizing technology that is commonly used nowadays. These types of sensors that alter their resistive property with variation of pressure are bringing in the revolutions in the creative, and intelligent mattresses and beds.

The working of Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) is primarily founded on the piezoresistive effect. When a force is applied at the surface of the resistor the above-mentioned conductive material inside the sensor gets compressed and thus alters its resistance. This change of the resistance can, in turn, be measured in terms of the electrical current and therefore convert the applied force into data. FSRs are thin and flexible and their organization to surfaces can be easily coordinated so this material is used in beds and mattresses.

Hosipital bed

Force Sensing Resistor in Hospital Beds

In hospitals, managers also rely on FSRs to help them in assessing the health status of the patients. These sensors can be placed in hospital beds properly to track the movement of patients and the areas they apply pressure on. This data can therefore be of help to health care givers as they can be used to identify problems like bedsores or improper movement, hence proper handling of the issues.

Force Sensing Resistor

Better Sleep and Comfort in Mattresses With FSR

In consumer mattresses, FSRs are invariably critical in improving the comfort as well as the quality of sleep provided to the clients. These sensors assist in determining the pressure points accurately and new mattresses can be designed that give a lot of support and reduce discomfort. Furthermore, FSRs can be implemented in smart mattresses to change stiffness in response to specific users’ reactions to determine the best sleeping conditions.

Applications of Force Sensing Resistors

Automotive Industry: Sensing the presence of people as well as improving the safety measures of cars.

Consumer Electronics: Touch screens use and the integration of the touch-sensitive devices.

Robotics: Improving the haptic feedback for precision and to interact with the object.


Force Sensing Resistors are now a phenomenon that is changing the way human comfort and health are being addressed when it comes to mattresses and beds. the Leading manufacturer Linepro, such sensors can be purchased and increase efficiency in our lives. To the medical industry or a medical equipment manufacturer interested in upgrading his or her equipment, FSRs from Linepro will certainly prove valuable. They also have a skilled R&D team to develop high-quality sensors which will give your company a competitive edge in the market in delivering superior products to customers

Contact Linepro at for more information on how their new Force Sensing Resistors can add value to products and make patients more comfortable. That is why it is high time to follow the principles of innovations

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