Linear Actuator Control System for Hospital Beds to enhance patient care

In the modern Healthcare industry, comfort, functionality, and safety are first priority. Hospital beds, often considered the backbone of patient care, have evolved significantly to meet these needs. A crucial component in this evolution is the linear actuator control system. But what exactly is a linear actuator control system, and why is it so Important in hospital beds? Let’s dive into the blog.

Linepro is the first Company to introduce Advanced Controllers and Embedded Systems for hospitals in India. Our meticulously engineered linear actuator control systems, made from high-quality materials, ensure unmatched durability and reliability. Specifically designed for the hospital industry, our systems enhance the functionality of hospital beds, offering superior performance and convenience. Trust Linepro to deliver innovative solutions that prioritize patient comfort and safety, care

Why Linear Actuator Control System Important in Patient Position

Linear Actuators Control System

Patient positioning is crucial for ensuring optimal health outcomes. Proper positioning prevents complications such as pressure ulcers, Poor positioning restricts blood flow, leading to tissue damage and ulcer formation. Researchers emphasize that regular repositioning reduces the risk of pressure ulcers and improves patient comfort. Effective positioning enhances breathing, circulation, and overall recovery.

Linepro utilizes innovative controllers and embedded systems to ensure seamless operation and precise control over bed movements.

This advanced technology Improve the overall functionality and efficiency of hospital beds, providing both patients and healthcare professionals with a superior experience 

Standard Quality Materials For Linear Actuator Control System

We believe in using the Standard quality materials for manufacturing our linear actuator control system. This ensures durability and reliability, even in the most demanding healthcare environments.

Linepro’s commitment to quality means that our linear actuators control system delivers consistent performance.

Technical Specification of Linear Actuator Control System

1. Voltage =24V Dc.

2. Load and Speed a. Motor Speed 3400 RPM.

3. Rated Load 350Kg.

4. Stroke Length=150mm.

5. Retracted Length=349mm.

6. Quick Release=with quick release.

7. Connector type =6 pin Din connector.

Linear Actuator with Control System

Customization Options for Linear Actuator Control System

At Linepro, we understand that every healthcare facility has Advanced requirements. That’s why we offer customization options to tailor our linear actuator control system to specific needs.

Whether it’s adjusting bed height, backrest, or leg rest positions, Linepro can customize our linear actuator control system to meet the exact specifications of our client.


Experience the Evolution of patient care efficiency with Linepro’s Modern Linear Actuator Control System. Enhance hospital operations and patient comfort through our reliable and precise technology. Explore our solutions today visite us at to optimize your facility’s capabilities. Step into the future of healthcare innovation with Linepro.

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