Transparent Flexible Heater: Ideal for Automotive Industry

What is a transparent flexible heater?

A heater is a device which is used to raise the temperature of air inside a room or any vehicle or of any equipment by maintaining a temperature in which people are comfortable and all the machinery are functioning smoothly.

Often, in regions where the temperature goes below 0 degree Celsius various electronic devices need to be heated up to a certain degree so that all the unwanted snow or condensation is removed. This ensures safe operation of such electronic devices. Thus in such devices transparent flexible heaters can come to the rescue. Transparent heaters can be used in applying heat directly to such devices. The advantage of such heaters is that since they are transparent, there is no visible means of heat delivery. The transparent heater is just a thin, flexible sheet which can be pasted on these devices.

Thus, transparent flexible heaters can be used in any device that needs to heat the surface in order to clear snow, fog or condensation. The transparent feature of these heaters also allows it to be used in products which require a see-through surface. For example it can be used in touch panels. The heater can be pasted on the touch panel. Since it is transparent, it would allow the touch panel to be visible despite condensation or fog.

What are the applications of Transparent Heaters?

Transparent Heaters can be used in a variety of applications across various industries.

  1. Automotive industry
Fogging in glass windshield

Usually we find that in our vehicles, the glass windshield and the windows get fogged up at certain times. This occurs when hot air comes in contact with cooler air. It can either occur when hot air from outside meets the cooler air inside the vehicle or when the cold air outside meets the hotter air inside the vehicle. When the glass windshield and windows get fogged up, it can create dangerous driving situations. Instead of stopping the vehicle, getting out and wiping the windows, we can use transparent flexible heater in our vehicles. We just need to paste this heater on our glass window and windshield. The heater will maintain the temperature of the glass window and thus prevent it from getting fogged.

Difficulty in snow removal

If you live in areas prone to bad weather you may know how difficult it is to remove the snow from your vehicle.  In such situations you can use these flexible heaters. It can be pasted on headlights, side-view mirror, rear window and other vehicle parts. This will help in melting the snow settled on your vehicle.

2. Defense and Aerospace Industry

Aircrafts used in cold climates face problems of ice accumulating on windshields

Aircrafts used in colder climates and high altitudes face problems of frost accumulating on windshields which makes it difficult for the pilot to see out through the frost. This can prove dangerous to human lives. Transparent flexible heaters can be used in aircrafts and other defense vehicles and equipment to prevent icing.

3. Industrial equipment

As mentioned earlier, transparent flexible heaters can be used in electronic devices which need to be heated up in order to function smoothly. It can also be used in HMI screens of various machines which are exposed to harsh climates.

4. Medical Instruments

Transparent Flexible heaters can be used in medical devices which are used in the field. These instruments and devices may be exposed to extreme cold climate and may need to be heated up in order to maintain the temperature.

5. Safety and security equipment

Transparent Heaters can be used in security cameras. Security camera in cold climates may fail. Thus, transparent heaters can be used in such cameras to maintain the temperature.

At Linepro, we have in-house facility to develop and manufacture Transparent Flexible heaters based on your requirement.

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