5 Quick Questions Your Membrane Keypad Vendor Should Answer

Membrane Keypad used on outdoors
Membrane Keypad used outdoors on an Automated Valet Parking ticket vending machine

5 Questions Your Membrane Keypad Manufacturer Should Answer Confidently

The membrane keypads were first used in 1980s to operate machinery. It’s been about 35 years since membrane keypad and keyboards came on the scene, but not without scrutiny. Those skeptical made claims about these technological wonders being insufficient to inputting data and as a low-cost solution constructed of inferior material.

That was then; but the situation has changed significantly. While there had been growing pains when the membrane keypads were new to the market, they have evolved into sophisticated high-tech subsystems. They are an important component of technical applications for several industries.

The composition and structure of the graphic layer was a change that marked a considerable improvement within the membrane keypad design with the utilization of polyester rather than polycarbonate. Polyester proved to be stronger, more rugged and chemical resistant, and ready to withstand constant use without breaking or otherwise cracking like its polycarbonate counterpart. Of course, this also led to the arrival of tactile feedback, with quite a million actuations, has become a well-liked feature found in membrane keypad. Additionally, manufacturers began to use backlights in their membrane keypad, including LED and fiber optics.

Membrane Keypad Offer Unmatched Flexibility

The purpose of a membrane keypad is to use equipment with ease while offering a more attractive and versatile alternative to mechanical keypad. The latter is that appeals to Design Engineers the most regarding membrane keypad. There are numerous interface or human machine interface (HMI) variations along with the flexibility to incorporate desired customer experience, the chances are endless with utilizing a membrane keypad in an application.

So now that you’re able to build your membrane keypad, it’s time to pick a manufacturer. Choosing one should be as easy as ordering a cab an Uber, right? Not exactly. Unforeseen project costs, poor material choices, manufacturing inexperience and bad customer service can turn any membrane keypad dream into a nightmare.

Questions to Ask Membrane Keypad Manufacturer

While many claim to be the best in industry, only a few can deliver a top quality membrane keypad. There are those manufacturers who pride themselves on affordability, but reciprocally, provide customers with a membrane keypad that’s substandard. Then you’ve got others that overpromise and need an enormous investment up front, but underperform with services that aren’t within the expected standards. The truly best membrane keypad makers can customize a keypad within the preferred specifications in a timely manner. It is possible by coupling experience and knowledge with the very latest technology applications.

So, when the time comes to picking the proper membrane keypad manufacturer, there are five questions that require to be asked:

1) What certifications does the manufacturer hold? Are they ISO certified?

Linepro Controls ISO certified for Membrane Keypad
Linepro Controls is ISO certified for all its products including Membrane Keypad

Okay, so these are technically two questions. Do your homework on a business. Search for signs of credibility and see what industry standards and certifications they possess. You’ll learn tons about a company and the way it operates. This is often where an ISO certified manufacturer with an in-house design team can collaborate with you to make sure all design requirements are understood and achieved.

2) Do they have experience working together with your application?

Did you recognize one among the foremost common causes of keypad failures involves not matching the product with the operating environment? The manufacturer should have clarity of the end-use application. They must ask a series of questions from chemical exposure to backlit capabilities through a design guide. This will help to work out the acceptable membrane keypad for your application.

3) What approach does the membrane keypad manufacturer take with prototyping?

This may be an important question to ask. Prototyping is very important and should be provided. It’s most effective way help customers get visual and physical idea about their product. When in discussions with a membrane keypad manufacturer, speed and effectiveness should be mentioned. Plus, if issues do arise during prototyping, how do they react to modify things.

4) How does the membrane keypad manufacturer optimize efficiencies?

The ideal business is one that embraces a lean manufacturing philosophy. The premise is about time and motion, and your membrane keypad manufacturer should be dedicated to a smooth operation reducing costs, mistakes and inefficiencies. Lean manufacturing covers everything from capital improvements to the exploration of latest processes and technologies.

5) What additional services does the manufacturer provide?

Linepro Controls is worldwide provider of  Membrane Membrane, Printed Electronics, Metal Keyboard and Capsense
Linepro Controls is worldwide provider of Membrane Membrane, Printed Electronics, Metal Keyboard and Capsense

The more the merrier! It’s an honest sign when the membrane keypad manufacturer offers broad spectrum of Products & Services. This will range from product nameplates, barcode labels to the touch screen and flexible electronics. Plus, this is often another good indicator to work out how well the business functions in other facets of the industry.

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