Metal Keyboard – Benefits and Drawbacks

Metal Keyboard Benefits and Drawbacks

There are various types of keyboards available for different applications. Each type of keyboard has its own benefits and drawbacks. In this article we will be focusing on Metal Keyboard.

Metal Keyboards are made using stainless steel or aluminium. This makes them very tough. Thus they can be used in very harsh environments. The switch elements are embedded inside the stainless steel or aluminium which makes them completely protected from any external threats.

Metal Keyboard used In Fuel Dispensing Machine

Metal Keyboards can be used in all types of environments especially when they have to be exposed to the atmosphere. Metal keyboards are able to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Due to the durable and excellent features of metal keyboard, they find applications in various public utility machines like ATM, ticket vending machine, Self Service terminals in Bank, Information Kiosk, Fuel Dispensing Machine, Industrial Automation, etc.

Advanced encryption can also be provided in Metal keyboard which makes them ideal to be used in Defence sector, security systems, Banking sector, Petroleum industry, etc.

Further to the information provided above, there are many more benefits of metal keyboards. Let’s have a look at them!


Long lifespan – Metal Keyboards have a significantly longer life span than most of the keyboards. Metal keyboards are tested for almost 5 million key presses.

Better feedback – Metal keyboard offers good tactile feedback thus will ensure minimal error.

High Durability – Metal keyboard not only last longer but also hardly wear out. Even if a person tries to hit the keyboard with a hammer, chances of the keyboard getting damaged is very less.

Better Protection – Protection level IP65 can be achieved in a Metal Keyboard. These keyboards are also dust proof and vandal proof.

Laser Engraved – Characters on a metal keyboard can be laser engraved. Thus characters on the keyboard will never be rubbed off.

Backlighting – Backlighting of the characters or of the entire switch can be provided for a metal keyboard. This will improve the aesthetics of the keyboard and will also help in ease of operation at low light regions.


High Price – Metal keyboards are usually more expensive than other keyboards.

High Weight – Since the weight of the raw materials in the Metal keyboard is high, the overall weight of the keyboard is more than other keyboards.

At Linepro, we can customize and design metal keyboards based on your requirement. If you have any queries regarding Metal Keyboard, get in touch with us today. Our experts are ready to advise and guide you. Contact us now!

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