The PCB Assembly in Aircrafts & it’s Design guide

There is extraordinarily little room for mistakes within Aerospace Engineering. If any fault happens in space, it’s too far for scientists to succeed in for its retrieval. Majority of the Aerospace machinery is combined efforts of Avionics Engineering. Hence, it becomes very important to keep in check complete PCB(Printed Circuit Board) assemblies and ensure optimum efficiency.

From standard to reliability, security in every aspect has got to be ten out of ten in space engineering systems. As a PCB Consultant, to maintain the best standards in manufacturing and design it is necessary to maintain advanced software, evolved hardware, skilled workers, and lots of other things, which we will discuss in this article. Check out this article to develop Design & Assembly for avionics exceptional performance.

Basic Features of Aerospace PCB Assembly & Design:

The manufacturing and designing process of PCB for avionics is completely different as compared to simple electronics. In fact, it requires adherence to strict standards. Aerospace utility PCBs need to be accurate. If there exists any flaw, causes problems in landing spacecraft. It may also cause problems in receiving and transmitting signals to aircraft. Or control teams on earth or causing premature landing failure. To avoid such problems it is essential to manufacture flawless PCBs and should carry these features:


Aerospace projects need to be functional for several months to years. To add complexity to these projects, they are physically inaccessible to conduct maintenance and service in case of failures. If the installed PCBs are not efficient enough to last exceptionally, it will be a very tough situation to handle. Aerospace projects are worth multi million dollars, and installing short-life components can bring down the entire project.  Therefore it is necessary to implement the best available techniques to produce best available PCBs. Ultimately it will help to save millions of dollars.

Specific material selection:

Linepro PCB material for aerospace application
Electrical functionality is based on PCB function, which makes it a good criterion for design-based circuit board material selection.

The base material used for manufacturing PCBs need to be extremely specific. The material used should be certified by laboratories for different parameters. This may affect functioning in space including temperature, vacuum, humidity, rigidity and many more. The aerodrome is sensitive to external conditions, therefore, high quality and certified material should be incorporated.

Other than using the best material, the endurance of PCBs must be thoroughly checked. Multiple tests need to be carried upon multiple times to ensure overall quality before installation. Such tests confirm flexibility of PCBs to adhere to changing conditions in space. It is important to note that there are frequent thermal and electrical changes occurring in space. PCBs should function normally in those conditions too. 

Bearing ability of the adverse environment:

The space environment is completely different from that on earth. There exists extreme heat, intense radiation and severe pressure which will damage normal PCBs.

As it is vital to guard the outer part, at an equivalent time, it’s also very crucial to safeguard the interior device from the novel thermal surge. Because within the engine, the temperature is even quite thousands of degrees which may barely be overcome by ordinary materials. Another explanation for the hazardous environment is the rapid change of various layers of the atmosphere when launching into space because the engine is usually made from electronic devices. Hence, the PCBs also have to bear such heat.

Testing after manufacturing:

Avionics Tests are Stringent than any other tests in Electronics

After the PCB assembly manufacturing, we have to check and double-check by thoroughly testing by following the proper protocol of inspection. To assure the standard and proficiency of the PCBs delivery, testing is particularly important. Because if PCBs fail to deliver within the testing period, we stand a chance to redevelop and deliver. But if it ceases to function in space, we have no chance to repair PCBs as well as huge monetary losses.

In testing, you’ve got to primarily consider thermal testing. Vibration testing is another important testing also. Except for internal testing like security testing, quality testing also has got to be examined.

Risk factors:

At Linepro Controls ,we can deliver the best in Avionics thanks to our Modern Manufacturing and Testing Facilities

Nothing is flawless; besides all testing and examining, there are always some risks present in every field. But in aerospace projects, taking a chance is the end of the project in the worst way. Hence for aerospace projects , we must partner with a reputed manufacturer like Linepro Controls Pvt Ltd. We have the best design facilities and serves the best companies worldwide.

Points to keep in mind while developing aerospace devices:

  • The PCB assembly should be selected according to suitability of our standard and demand.
  • Select a manufacturer who provides you with PCBs using the latest software, hardware, standards, certifications, etc.
  • Always prefer quality first. The substandard quality is the root of any failure within the future if it happens.
  • Try to choose easily available PCB components and testify to each component before final purchasing.


We hope the upper given guideline will assist you in choosing the simplest aerospace PCB Assembly & Design. This is assist to meet all of your expectations on your dream project.

At Linepro, we have over 3 decades of experience in providing PCB industrial solutions. We are therefore well-poised to know the varied issues that plague the PCB industry and the way robust testing can help overcome these issues. Our PCB design facilities hold an extensive number of certifications and licenses to satisfy complete turnkey PCB aerospace solutions. For your any quiet requirements, Get a fast PCB assembly quote.

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