100% Renewable Energy – Solar is just the Beginning!

Linepro Controls Pvt Ltd installs Solar PV panels and is a 100% solar powered company
We pledge to innovate and implement for betterment of mankind.

100% Renewable Energy – Solar is just the Beginning!

We are feeling thrilled to announce that in 2021 Linepro Controls Pvt Ltd will reach 100% Solar Energy for our complete Operations- including both our Production areas and Corporate Office. This is a huge milestone. We have installed 100kVA Solar Panel System on our roofs!

Over the last decade, the solar costs came down 80% proving that renewables are increasingly becoming the lowest cost option. Electricity costs are one of the largest factors of our operating expenses and having a long term stable cost of solar power provides protection against price swings in energy.

Environment Sustainability while operating our business has been a core value right from beginning, and we are always keen to work on new ideas to make sustainability a reality— like maintaining the building of healthy work areas and creating a living, breathing dashboard for the planet.

The science tells us that slowing down and ultimately eliminating climate change is an urgent global priority.  And we have a responsibility to do so — to our clientele and the environment.

We have lots of progress left to make, but these achievements we’re announcing today feels like we are doing something good for environment. Now, back to work.

Paul Malpan


Linepro Controls Pvt Ltd

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